We are dedicated to a high-quality partnership when it comes to
. our clients : we understand their identity, we know how to promote wines from 3 to 100 euros or more and we only work with the very best operators ;
. journalists : we listen to their needs, immediately answer their questions, respect their work by providing precise, concise and relevant documents.

We are flexible
the size of our agency and its know-how adapt to each assignment and event : a permanent full-time staff of 3 and a service constantly open to outside talent.

Coverage world-wide
over the past twenty years, Vinconnexion has established a unique network of wine industry communication at home and abroad (Europe, the USA, China,…) with an impressive track record : Diplomas from the Higher Institute of Translation and International Relations (Lyon) and the British and Spanish Chambers of Commerce, Ten years with the United Nations, in charge of an online library platform (W.H.O.) .